Ch 2. The New Fu Ji Is really Cool

For the next 3 day in a row, Fu Ji just lying in the bed, staying in the hospital doing some medical examination, until the fourth day, she doesn’t have to continue acting as sick and weakly beautiful juvenile.

Fu Ji has always had a very strong ability to accepting other people.

But Just one thing, one thing that she needs to finds out.

Who’s behind her accident, what was really happen to her so that she died.

Fu ji thinking back, the room temperature of the ward suddenly decrease. She laughs evily, the curvature of her mouth is so perfect that even when she slightly smile or even she sneers, she still looks really beautiful.

This appearance is really good for her, she like it, because this body is in disguise.

She is a hacker, codename, Z

Just Give her a computer, and she can do anything.

and such a person is actually reborn as a high school student.

“Master, I’ve already bring your clothes, look at this, what do you want to wear? this set or this set?” Chen Xiao dong asking the juvenile who sit at the window, He said again :

“Both sets are Givenchy’s latest Collection.”

Fu Ji with the support from one of her hand easily jumped from the window, she moved her body swiftly, her action is really smooth, she seems to have a lollipop in her mouth, she ruffled her silver hair lazily making it look a bit messy, she has a pair of beautiful eyebrow, Which is manage to enhances her appearance making it more beautiful. she put her hands in the pocket of her pants, she slowly walked toward Chen Xiao Dong.  

His gesture just now, really makes him resemble the Demon emperor in the comic book,  it was Really Cool!

Chen Xiao Dong cannot take his eyes away from this scene, The appearance of the young master a moment ago, let alone girls, even boys will be Temp….. No, No… he cannot think about that!

if he thinks about that, that’s the same as encouraging him doing that unhealthy behavior, He did not forget the reason why the young master got beaten and even got admitted to the hospital.

If he let the boss Know that the young master still delusional about Qin God, The boss will break the young master leg absolutely, yeah absolutely.

“Is there anything else besides these two sets?”

Fu Ji frowned, Looking at the really bright color clothes in front of her.

Chen Xiaodong immediately becomes excited, and taking the other clothes out: ” I  put a lot of money  in this, these clothes are the most popular from the BOY section, so I bought it!”


Are you sure you’re not getting this clothes cheaply from Taobao? The style and the aesthetic sense of the original soul are really quite peculiar.

Fu Ji looking at this pile of colorful clothes, her finger start to opening her hospital gown, she faintly said: ” Go and get my school Uniform.”

“Hey young master, don’t you dislike wearing  the school uniforms?” Chen Xiao dong stared at her, he was obviously shocked hearing Fu Ji words.

Fu Ji takes a glance at him, only three words out of her mouth. ” Go Get it”

There’s nothing more to explain, her tone just now even can make his legs getting soft, is this really their young master?

In Jiang city, which has a long history, is historical city, the teacher is abundant, in there also a lot of powerful people reside, that’s included for someone who really talented at art and science or you can call as top scorer, of course, there are people who even bad at studying, for example, such as Fu Ji, she is one of them.

Compared to the rich second generations, she’s even more famous than other. because she likes to show off, driving sports car into the school, making herself look like a coal big boss.

Although her household indeed mining a coal mine, she likes boast and use her father name to move people, it was obviously inappropriate.

and about how she dressed, every time, she thinks that her style is cool, but in fact, in the eye of other people, her style is actually really lame.

if you think carefully, Fu Ji didn’t do anything outrageous.

but such a presence is simply a joke, who would like that?

but now, the homeroom teacher looked at the juvenile in front of her, uncertain and cannot confirm the juvenile in front of her.

“Fu Ji?”

“Is me, Chen Teacher, I’m coming to school today” Fu Ji give her a shallow smile.

Chen teacher stare blankly at the moment, and then she said :

” Well, I know, You Go back to class, don’t fight anymore, put your mind on studying more.”


Chen teacher was flabbergasted, looking at the juvenile who already walk off.

Is living in the hospital can make such a big change?

This is simply a  reversal!

Taobao (simplified Chinese: 淘宝网; traditional Chinese: 淘寶網; pinyin: Táobǎo Wǎng; literally: “searching for treasure network”) is a Chinese online shopping website similar to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, which is operated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang by Alibaba Group

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    1. I really am not sure continuing this novel, the author is pretty strict about her novel, as for the permissions, if we really dont have an okay from the author, i will not continue it., You can read on the circumstances about this novel, from the previous Translator (GirlyNovel)

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