Ch 5. Find the woman Last Night

This is Not a dream, Lu Qing Hao really has an affair.

And to retaliation on him,  She was actually ……..

Last night, everything seemed to be under his control, she was at the mercy of the man, that thick and broad shoulders,  that sexy and exquisite collarbone, and also……

Tang Xin Luo shook her head, forcing not to recalled about last night.

She Doesn’t know if she should laugh at her foolish action or not, she was in the state of anger to make such decision. Looking toward the side of the bed beside her, the bed had not left any temperature anymore, indicating that he’s been away for a long time.

That’s right when it’s over, it’s irrelevant if you have to see the other party face again, it feels awkward, so it’s best to avoid.

She sighed deeply, Tang Xin Luo get out from the bed, endure the weakness and the pain that she feels between her legs, She wears her clothes and quickly fled from that luxurious but empty mansion.

She left the house, Driving her car to go home, Luckily, there was no one else in the house,  she only has a housekeeper and maid. so she doesn’t have to explain to anyone.

She lowered her head and hid inside her bedroom, Tang Xin Luo Lie down on the bed, remembering her past, bit by bit the memories appeared in her head.

That was her initiative to pursue Lu Qing Hao, because mommy was really ill, Her last wish was to see her only daughter to get married. At that time, Lu Qing Hao appeared, Along with her longing for her future husband.

in the beginning, her attempt to get close to Lu Qing Hao was to reassure her Mommy, So after meeting with him twice, she admitted that she liked his smile and also his charming face when he laughed.

Just when they get married, Mommy condition is getting worse, and Lu Qing Hao immediately uses the excused of being busy with work as an excuse to disappear.

He disappeared for half a year, when he came back, that was at Mommy funeral, because of his business, he delayed and did not return home.

Now that she’s thinking about this, perhaps from the beginning, he did not like her at all.

Lu Qing Hao…… this man, after all, is heartless, he can even leave her when her mommy like that.

in her heart, She couldn’t help feeling heartache, Tang Xin Luo Told herself, that this is the last time she felt hurt by a man.

Suddenly, a pair of deep indifference black eyes appeared in her mind.

Last night that man…. Because of her crying too much coupled with her poor eyesight, she obviously can’t see the man’s appearance, but there is that pair of black pupils always lingering in her mind.

Although she was not sure, she had a hunch that the eyes belonged to the man last night.

she should not think about that man again, last night, it was her act of revenge only. Tang Xin Luo dragged her exhausted body to take a bath, she just wants to sleep well right now. And for the problem between her and Lu Qing Hao, she will think about the solutions after she wakes up.

meanwhile, on the other side…….

“Lu ye, because of my negligence, please punish me.”  The man wearing a gold rims glasses, respectfully kneeling in front of him.

The man who sits on high, seems aloof, alienating himself with others, His lips emerge a trace of a smile, a look of interest appear on his face.

“You are even making such a mistake for surrogate people, what you have done in advance to check their physical examination is simply a joke” His gaze was cold and keen, making people unable to look directly at him

“Go and find out about the woman last night, if necessary, join the force with our people in the capital …… Meng ze, Do you think I would’ve spared you this time?”

His name was suddenly mentioned, Meng Ze could not help feeling scared.

“Yes Lu Ye, this time Lu Ye please rest assured, we will not make a mistake this time.”

Meng Ze carefully withdrew from the room, which is at the top floor of the company building in Newport, Due to the problem in Newport, they need Lu ye to come in person, so they leave in hurry this morning.

Sorry guys, late update, Nevermind, enjoy~

HAPPY EID AL-ADHA to all Muslims and for those who celebrate it




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    1. there’s no schedule, just when it’s a holiday or when I have a time, I will translate it and update the next chapter, as fast as I can…. thanks for reading and the feedback (≧◡≦) ♡


    1. dunno about that, LOL. maybe she use some kind of power joke the possible answer is that maybe she vaguely seeing the road and remembering the place or maybe there are a spare glasses inside the car, think that the author forgot about this thing,,,,,


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