Ch 1. Return after living Abroad, Cohabitating?


Ling Wei Feng a little-petrified standing in the room, looking at the location where the bed is, and in an instant, there was an impulse to cover her eyes and cry.

MAMA MIA!!!, who can explain to her about this situation, OH GOD!

She just returned to the country,  to attend Royal  Emperor’s Academy, And Xi Huang Gu have an apartment near the Academy, So their mothers let her move over with him to live together.

She and Xi Huang Gu had known each other since childhood, playing together, and sleeping together, she only thinks of him as her big brother, they are really close, so it’s no problem for her to move in and living together.

it’s just that, No one told her that there was only one room in this apartment and even worse, there was only One bed in that room! FU**


Although in the eyes of outsiders, The Little Young master from the Ling Family was a man, but, inside, every part of her body is a female AH!…  

100%  a female!


“What’s wrong with your expression, This young master is willing to give you half of his bed, you should be grateful, but in return, you dare to ignore it?!”

Behind her, came a cold and magnetic voice, Ling Wei Feng can only force her smile.

She look at the direction where the voice came, then look at the slender Handsome young man that leaning lazily against the door frame, the man is emitting a strong aura of oppression, almost making the surrounding  to freeze, He was looking at her at this moment

“Why do you only have one bedroom here?”  She asks.

“I live alone, and it’s difficult to keep the dust from my room, adding another room is Unnecessary, So with this kind of decoration is enough.”

Ling Wei Feng face full of disbelief, Hei..hei..hei… What the… “You did not even leave a room for a guest at all?” She asks again.

The corner of Xi Huang Gu mouth is slightly slanting, with a cold and evil charm, he told her ” In this young master place, outsiders are even forbidden to put their feet, I already gave you a favor here, even gave you a permission to stay with me”

His mother would like to spend the night here, but he doesn’t even allow her, Yet He allows this kid stay in this apartment, isn’t he supposed to be happy?, Why does he seem to hate it

“or, should I move and stay somewhere else? ” Ling Wei Feng said it with a smile.

What kind of joke is this, are you kidding me?? If a man and woman living together, and if her secret as a girl got exposed, she could not be saved… this not going to work,  and this kind of secret once it got exposed it will become a big deal, GAME OVER.

Xi Huang Gu frown, he tilts his head and looked at her, “this is just sleeping together, and this is not even the first time we slept on the same bed, What?, Six years have passed, are you turning into a young maiden?, are you going to get pregnant?”

Ling Wei Feng “………….”

Brother, what you say is a fact.

She turned into a young maiden? she was originally a girl you know!


she was still under three years old at that time, still sucking on a pacifier and still drooling, how can she know the difference between men and woman things, and how can she know that when a man and woman playing in the bed, they can make a family.

But now that girl has grown up you know! she already knows what men and women do to give a grandchild to their in-law, what she knows it’s not just a kiss OK!, she already knows what she has to keep as a woman right now.

You are really handsome you know! what if in the middle of the night this sister trying to attack you. How is it?

The most important thing is that this sister identity as a girl can not be spread OK! then if you found about it, where can I find someone to kill, Hah?

An angry expression is plastered in Li Wei Feng face, indicating that she did not agree and would not cooperate.

Xi Huang Gu face suddenly became sullen, the temperature around the room went down a bit, he is willingly and even let him stay in this place, he already giving him a face, yet he didn’t even want to cooperate.

She was always fixated on him when she was little, she thinks of him as the most admired big brother, every day she follows him as a little sidekick, but after returning to the country, on the contrary, she feels unfamiliar.

It feels so bad.

was it too much to just agree with her, this guy is getting more and more greedy.

She doesn’t want to live with him, does she? because he was not that sincere to her.

“We are both already a grown man, are you afraid that I will eat you, or do you actually have a secret, that, you don’t want me to know?”

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