Ch 6. The Shameless in-law, Making ruckus

Just When Lu ye Arrived at the Newport and ready to Handle all the problem, He prepared someone to go to his apartment, to get the woman and bring her here to his villa.

The men who he sent to picked the woman came back, but without that woman.

The woman who was with him last night actually disappeared?  

Can Climb to Lu Yu Chen Bed, which women who not crying and begging to be able to sleep with him, many women even hope to be pampered by him.

But that charming little woman last night, even dare to escape….

“What an interesting woman” The side of his lips slightly raised, and a pair of deep and Bottomless Black Eyes flashed a touch of interest.

Originally He thought that finding a woman to do surrogate and bear his child is a very boring thing, but now, he suddenly felt that this thing actually more interesting than he thinks, Maybe even more than he expected.

***Meanwhile at the other side…****

Tang Xin Luo was awakened by a loud noise from the door.

“Bang— BANG—BANG!”

“Tang Xin Luo, you get out!”

“Tang Xin Luo, don’t think you can hide this thing, Slut!, You shameless woman!, Giving our Home Qing Hao wearing a green Hat, don’t think that you can hide this thing from me!”

“Tang Xin Luo, get out!”

Tang Xin Luo was too tired Last night, if it was not for the people outside who were trying hard to make a scene, she would not get up and open the door.

She abruptly sat up from the bed, Tang Xin Luo reach the drawer handle on the bedside cabinet, opening the drawer and pick her Black rim glasses,  she walks toward the door and ready to open the door.

The door had just opened slightly,  The angry face of Gong Xue Mei and Lu Zhiyi have appeared on the outside of the door.

“Miss … … I have stopped them, but Mrs. Lu and Miss Lu is … …” the steward hurriedly explained from behind.

These two was her mother in-law and her sister in-law, it’s difficult for them to enter this house themselves, unless….

“Nevermind, I know how to deal with them” Her father had died when she was very young, The entire Tang family and company asset was managed by her mommy alone.

Now that Mommy was gone, the housekeepers in their house have their own thought, if they really loyal, how could they be afraid and not trying to stop the Lu Family who wants to make trouble here?

The reason that can explain all this thing, perhaps, because she herself was too young, so she can’t hold these servants.

The Houskeeper heard Tang Xin Luo said never mind, He immediately left the scene.

Since the young lady married half a year ago, and Mrs, Tang has long, lived in the intensive care unit, and the Tang old lady is still recuperating in the foreign country, in this house, the one who has the final say is the housekeeper. She has been accustomed to the master wish and lifestyle, so she doesn’t want to get involved in this matter.

Seeing the housekeeper has left, The arrogance of the two women become even more fierce.

“Tang Xin Luo, You Shameless bitch, You give my brother a green hat! don’t think that this is easy to forget, tell me, where are you last night? You’re not even going home, we can’t find you anywhere, don’t tell me that you come back here last night, we’ve made a phone call this morning to ask, they said, that you did not come back last night…. say, Where are you Fooling around!?”

Lu Zhiyi is Lu Qing Hao’s sister, the words that she uttered, this kind of style is really not a ladylike.

But don’t blame her.

Who let Lu Qing Hao in the outside keeping a mistress, if you think about it, Lu’s Current wife, this Gong Xue Mei in front of her is actually a former mistress, Lu Qing Hao, and Lu Zhiyi were an Illegitimate child, who lived outside for several years before Mr. Lu took them home, Lu Qing Hao mannerism is better because of his ambition and self-taught, but Gong Xue mei And Lu Zhiyi is a typical commoner.

They just coming to this house to curse people, using that kind of word, even Tang Xin Luo can not speak using those bitches language




16 thoughts on “Ch 6. The Shameless in-law, Making ruckus

  1. What the fudge!?!
    She’s actually the rich daughter???
    I thought she got married to the jerk not just to fulfill her mother’s dying wish but also for financial support. Ends up she’s the one who’s actually an heiress.

    Hope she’ll soon learn to bare fangs on these women. Thankies, Akimisa and study hard!

    I can soooo relate with you when it comes to studies and reports. Gush~


  2. Bastard hubby and crazier than**** in laws. ,A wild night with a stranger .Wow! this lady leads a hectic life. Let’s see how long it takes for the one night stand to find her.


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